Taking Care of Homeowners

As well as meeting the needs of the UK’s leading housebuilders and developers, we also look after the people living in the homes and working in the businesses they build.

Power On designs and constructs the heat network, and our asset-owning sister company, Metropolitan, adopts it – taking care of its operational and maintenance needs, along with all the service needs of the end users. These are the new communities connected to our networks, and they are supported 24/7 by a company they can trust to keep them energised, connected, and comfortable.

Ready for Regulation

We have a longstanding history of meeting and surpassing regulatory requirements in the energy sector.

With the implementation of Heat Licensing by Ofgem in 2024, Power On and our group’s regulated asset-owning companies are at the forefront of ensuring customer protection and pricing security, surpassing the standards set by the Heat Trust. Developers can place even greater trust in our unwavering dedication to safety, compliance, and outstanding customer service, built upon decades of experience.

Putting Customers First

You can be sure that with Metropolitan leading the way, your customers will be looked after on their journey to low-carbon heat.

  • Keeping it Clean

    The heat pumps in our community heat hubs will create less CO2 than conventional heating systems, delivering 75-80% carbon savings from the day they start running.

  • Running Smoothly

    We guarantee our supply of heat and hot water 24/7/365 – no matter what the weather is doing. The community heat hub has back-up boilers and hot water stores ready for every eventuality.

  • Peace of Mind

    We’ll take care of everything. We’ll service and maintain the whole heat system at no extra cost to our customers. And, of course, customers can rely on us to sort out any problems quickly. Plus we’ll service each Heat Interface Unit (HIU) and meter every two years, free of charge.

  • Total Control

    Our customers will always be in control of what they use with our smart metering and HIU (Heat Interface Unit). We strive to always provide accurate heating bills that are based on actual readings, rather than estimates. Our technology enables us to read our heat meters without needing to visit – keeping things super simple for our customers.

  • Fair and Square

    It’s important to us that our customers know they are treated fairly when it comes to pricing and service.

    Our customers can expect:

    · Excellent customer service standards, delivered by our UK based team

    · Reassurance that if things go wrong they will be dealt with quickly and fairly. They can also be passed to an independent complaint handling service

    · We’ll always listen to their feedback and look for ways to improve our service

  • Customers at our Heart

    We know customers rely on us. That’s why we guarantee minimum standards of service. Until our heat networks become regulated by Ofgem in 2024, they remain registered with Heat Trust and aligned with their standards.

    Our UK-based team will always be there when customers need them and will provide exceptional service.

Life in a Low-Carbon Community



  • Clean and Reliable

    Our solution uses modern technologies to produce clean, safe, and reliable heat. We guarantee our heat and hot water supply 24/7/365 – even in the coldest and most severe weather. The community heat hub has backup boilers and thermal stores ready for every eventuality.

  • Homeowner Protection

    The UK Government will regulate heat networks from 2024, ensuring customers are treated fairly and providing protection on the price they pay for their heat and the level of service they receive. In the meantime, all our networks are Heat Trust registered.

  • Peace of Mind

    We provide a worry-free service for our customers. There are no additional costs for breakdown, maintenance or replacement parts, as the whole heat system is included in the price of the service.

  • Smart Metering

    Our customers control what they use, with a hassle-free, guaranteed supply of low-carbon heat and hot water.

    Plus, they’ll be ready for the future grid and the smart technologies monitoring, controlling and optimising low-carbon energy in the home.

  • Customer Care

    We’ll always be there where needed. Our UK-based team provides exceptional service for all our customers.

  • Zero Carbon Living

    Heat networks help to reduce carbon emissions by removing the need for individual gas boilers and providing locally sourced heating and hot water.

    Homes on our networks will be zero-carbon ready, reassuring our customers that they can transition to zero-carbon heating without further work in their homes.